Giovanna Huyke

For the past two years we had the privilege of Chef Giovanna Huyke as a culinary artist and leader in Mio’s kitchen. We are impressed by both Giovanna’s passionate attitude towards her creations and multiple outside commitments to promoting her thoughts and endeavors in Puerto Rican cuisine and culture.

“May Giovanna’s new business endeavors bring her wider opportunities.  We send our good luck wishes to Giovanna for continued success and prosperity.

This is surely a new beginning for new successes.  May her future business ventures bring many moments of joy and happiness. Congratulations”.

Mio’s Family

Mio will continue its roll as Culinary Latin American Embassy with the legacy of our veteran Chef Giovanna and our inner team supported by Latin American & Puerto Rican Chefs such Roberto Hernandez (Puerto Rico), Wilo Bennett (Puerto Rico) among others.